K-9 Sage and owner/handler Diane Whetsel

AKA, Lydeardlea Desert Song CD
FEMA certified Disaster K-9, NNDDA certified Advanced Human Remains Detection dog.

My name is Sage. I am the litter mate and sister to Joey, AKA, Lydeardlea Angel In Disguise. I come from a long line of brilliant and beautiful British show dogs. I came to America at 10 weeks of age and while everyone in my family was competing for obedience, fly ball and showing the world what Border Collies should look like, my paws walked down another path. You see, my human partner (some dogs call them owners) is a search and rescue dog trainer.

During my career I have served at the Pentagon at 9/11. I even still have a Pentagon picture ID that I kept from my deployment.

I spent a month in Aruba searching for missing US teenager Natalee Holloway. Trust me, she’s not on that island.

I went from house to house after hurricanes Katrina and Rita and I even Served in Iraq searching for our missing US Solders.

Click here to visit the Sage Foundation website

Gladwyn An Affair to Remember
Flair's litter brother

Echo is co-owned with Kim and Mike Toepher and living in Fresno.

Echo 2 1/2 years

Echo 8 months

Echo 6 months

Echo 8 weeks

Echo 8 weeks

Stella and George's litter brother

J.J. is living with Myra Miller in Woodland Hills, CA

J.J. 4 years

J.J. 4 years

Stella, J.J.'s and George's litter brother

Mark 5 years
From owner Paula:

Mark is so handsome. I am so sorry I did not show him. I'm sure he would have done well.
Early on I realized that his primary job as my running companion would conflict with conformation.
He has learned his task as my protector so well that he will not allow any stranger to come near me.
Nonetheless, he runs eight miles a day at 5 am by my side without waiver. Few people understand how hard it is to train a dog to do this - to maintain a constant 6 mile per hour pace. Dogs are sprinters. It's not natural for them to run like this. Mark has the unrelenting perseverance required.
Though Mark has not run a marathon with me (yet), he has helped me train for eight!
He has kept me from harm's way more than once, alerting to danger behind me, pulling me away from an outdoor bathroom because he knew a man was inside, and he has yanked me off the road unto the shoulder when he sensed a car was too close.
He is the best buddy I could have - so he is quite pampered!

Robbie and Casey's litter sister

Piper is living with Kim and Mike Toepher in Fresno, CA

Robbie and Piper's litter brother

Casey is living with Mary and Dan Asmus in Fillmore, CA

Cousin Nick
Cousin to everyone

Nick 3 years

Relatives of Gladwyn past

Frankie & Ella's Relations

Sire MacGiff

Uncle Bernie

Half brother Pongo

Uncle Lance and Friends

Half sister Molly

Grand Dam Destiny Ann

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