Jack and Stella Puppies
Born August 30, 2008

Flair has her own page on Our Dogs.
Echo can be found on the Relatives page.

Click here for the puppies' pedigree

Click here for more about Jack

Click here for more about Stella

Puppy Pictures

Boy and Girl 4 hours old

Boy and Girl 4 hours old

Stella and her pups at 2 days old

Girl 2 days old

Boy 2 days old

Thumb sucking boy 5 days

A very relaxed girl 5 days

Aren't they cute at 5 days old?

Boy pup 8 days old

Girl pup 8 days old

11 days

11 days

11 days

2 weeks

Girl opens her eyes at 2 weeks

Boy opens his eyes at 2 weeks

We are three weeks old and on our feet and playing!

Girl at 3 weeks

Grandmother Grace

4 weeks old and we are out in the yard

We Are 5 Weeks Old and It's Bath Day!

Aren't We Clean and Beautiful ?

7 Weeks

8 weeks

Here is Echo (formerly known as boy puppy)
meeting his new owner, Kim.

Flair (AKA girl puppy) is going to stay with us
at Gladwyn and become one of the family.


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